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Yunnan Promotion
Yunnan Black Teas

Yunnan Black Teas

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Yunnan Black Superior

Yunnan Black Superior

Clear bright tea with rich complex flavours...

 From £2.25
Bamboo Temple Yunnan

Bamboo Temple Yunnan

Assam-like briskness with a fresh buttery toast and jam finish....

 From £2.95
Ying Ming Yunnan

Ying Ming Yunnan

Excellent fullness with a subtle China sweetness. Only produced in March and April when the mountain air is moist and cool. ...

 From £3.25
Yunnan Imperial  "Gold Tip" aka Shanghai Breakfast Tea

Yunnan Imperial "Gold Tip" aka Shanghai Breakfast Tea

A magnificent large leaf, tippy Yunnan with the characteristic sweetness of black Yunnan teas....

 From £3.75
Golden Monkey - Jin Hou Cha

Golden Monkey - Jin Hou Cha

An extraordinary tea from Yunnan Province in China. Hand processed, this tea is made each Spring at the start of the season....

 From £5.25