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Vietnamese TeaAlthough Vietnam has one of the oldest tea cultures in Asia, Tea has only been seriously involved in the field of bulk teas since the early 1980s and has recently become a serious player in the European market. While in the north of the country high green tea has been produced at altitudes of up to 1,500 m for about 2000 years, mainly orthodox black tea "trà man" is produced in southern Vietnam, including the deep plains around Lam Dong and Thai Nguyen. At the origin, teas, generally known as "scented teas", are combined in Vietnam with the term "trà u'ó''h hu'o'ng". Mainly jasmine and lotus "trà sen" are offered. In the north, we still find frequent structures."Small holders", ie family farms with their own tea fields, but without their own production facilities, deliver the freshly picked foliage to a factory. Depending on the quantity and quality, they receive the appropriate fee. In Central and South Vietnam tea plants and factories in one hand are mostly tea gardens, such as India and Ceylon.

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Vietnam - Tan Cuong Hoangbinh Green Tea

Vietnam - Tan Cuong Hoangbinh Green Tea

A delicious green tea from Vietnam's most famous tea region. Thai Nguyen. Initial bitterness turns into intense sweetness....

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The most famous tea from Thai Nguyen is Tan Cuong Tea.  The Thai Nguyen terrain and weather have significant impact on the high quality tea production here. Generally, the best tea areas are located in valleys or on hills that are surrounded by high mountains around such as Tam Dao or Than Lan. These mountains shield extreme sunlight of summer as well as freezing winds of winter, so that the micro-climate at those farms is particularly well-suited for the growing of fine teas. The area has an average temperature of 22 – 23o C during the year, and the humidity in Thai Nguyen further enhances its suitability for fine tea production with high levels of rainfall from 2,000 to 2,500 mm per year.