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The wonderful teas of Ceylon

The wonderful teas of Ceylon

Ceylon Tea

Ceylon, now known as Sri Lanka, is an island situated 55 miles from the southern tip of India and has become, in little over 150 years, one of the world’s top tea producers, an amazing feat considering the size of the island, about 270 miles long by 137 miles wide.

Tea is not originated from Ceylon but was brought to the island to replace the blighted coffee plantations in 1869. It was the British who established tea on the island, soon after setting up the plantations of Assam for the commercial sale of tea.

Today Ceylon produces nearly 300,000 tons of tea a year, grown on 650 tea estates, covering close to half a million acres of land, huge!

This small island nation won independence from Britain in 1948, changing its name from Ceylon to Sri Lanka. But for marketing purposes, they continued brand recognition and retained the name Ceylon for its teas.

The best types of Ceylon tea

The best types of tea are either medium-grown or high-grown and are usually marketed by the region in which they were grown (Nuwara Eliya) and by the name of the plantation ( Kenilworth Estate).

Ceylon now produces top quality orthodox black and green teas, and has now produced a very creditable oolong.

We hold a comprehensive selection of many of the excellent teas now produced on the island. They are mostly black teas, but we are delighted to be listing two excellent green teas, and the new oolong mentioned above.

Our decaffeinated English Breakfast and Earl Grey teas are based on Ceylon Dimbula teas, and are processed on the island by the CO2 method.

We hope that we’ve conveyed our enthusiasm for these wonderful teas, and would further encourage you to try them.