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Spotlight on Dammann Freres

Spotlight on Dammann Freres

Dammann Freres started to open their amazing tea “Palaces” only in the 20th century, but previously Dammann Frères has a much greater historical significance. In 1692, Louis XIV declared a M. Damame the exclusive seller of tea in France, making it the oldest tea enterprise in the country.

Dammann Frères, to all intents and purposes started out in 1925 under the direction of brothers Robert and Pierre Dammann. In 1926, the company opened its first international tea shop in New York, and the company has continued to produce fine teas in France, opening several tea “Palaces” in various locations in Paris, and France, and later Europe.

In Paris their flagship outlet is to found in the Place des Vosges in the Marais, and other branches in Bercy Village, Rue Mouffetard, and Victoria Avenue. 

In 2011, they expanded their international market and opened a tea shop in Japan. IDammann Freres have since had a strong international presence and now provides teas for 62 countries.

Over the years the Dammann family have written the most beautiful pages in the history of French tea. The Company has grown and the products multiply, but without losing the dream of excellence in their product still held by each member of the business. 

Their stores, their products and the presentation of their teas represent tradition, prestige and quality, although innovation also plays its rightful part in their products.

The company selects the finest teas at source and creates blended teas that have become legendary, as well as producing delightful and unique infusions. New products continue to appear every year.

Festive Tea Selection

Dammann Freres smart caddies and exclusive blends of quality make an ideal Christmas gift. View our range of festive teas from Dammann Freres.

Dammann Freres Festive Tea