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We provide a wide range of speciality Nilgiri teas that are ethically sourced from the finest tea plantations of India - premium quality, natural tasting Nilgiri teas at great prices.

We carefully research our teas for flavour, aroma, appearance and natural taste. We ensure that you get only that extra special taste that the real tea connoisseur can appreciate… Why not try one of our Nilgiri teas from our great selection.

Buy Fresh Nilgiri Loose Leaf Teas Online

The Blue Mountains or the Nilgiris are situated in Southern India. The Nilgiri teas are grown here at elevations ranging from 1,000-2,500 meters. Rainfall occurs at 100-600 centimeters annually. These conditions favour the fine flavour and brisk liquor of Nilgiri teas. The combination of fragrance and briskness makes Nilgiri teas truly unique, the like of which are found nowhere else in the world.

If you're a tea enthusiast or just intrigued by specialty teas, why not sample some of freshest and finest Nilgiri teas today. Give as a special gift or include in your picnic hamper to enjoy amongst friends during summer months. Discover and enjoy the special taste of our fine selection of Nilgiri Teas.

Unlike other teas such as Darjeeling and Assam, Nilgiri teas are grown and harvested throughout the year. Known for their lively fresh taste, sometimes lemony, and with a woodsy aroma, these teas can be compared to good high-grown Nilgiris. The Nilgiri we carry are amongst the best, Estates producing fine dark and tasty teas. In May 2009 Nilgiri tea growers celebrated their right to "Geographical Indication" at a tea festival in Coonor.

We are now packaging the majority of our teas in black matte finish stand-up pouches. The matte finish outer layer gives them a distinctive old world look. Sizes available are 50g (new), 100g, 250g and 500g. Orders of 1kg quantities are either made up of two 500g pouches or with the suppliers original 1kg packaging.

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Nilgiri - Tiger Hill FBOP

Nilgiri - Tiger Hill FBOP

Tiger Hill is one of the most renowned tea estates found in the Nilgiris Mountains (Blue Mountains) in the most Western part of Tamil Nadu in Southern India.The mountain range here rises to above 8500 feet which enables tea to be grown at a high enough altitude to ensure the perfect weather for quality bushes. A superb and unique tea!...

 From £3.25
Nilgiri - Bio SFTGFOP1 Thiashola Estate

Nilgiri - Bio SFTGFOP1 Thiashola Estate 3

The Cup has a fresh, slightly sharo-edged flavour with medium body. The liquor is copper red and has afresh flower aroma....

 From £3.25
Nilgiri - Glendale OP

Nilgiri - Glendale OP

An aristocrat of South Indian teas with well-flavoured floral accents. A fine wiry leaf...

 From £3.25
Nilgiri "Blue Mountain" SFTGFOP1 - Our House Selection

Nilgiri "Blue Mountain" SFTGFOP1 - Our House Selection 4

A top quality selection at a reasonable price The dark leaf is black & tippy and yields a rich malty liquor....

 From £2.25
Honest Everyday Nilgiri BOP,

Honest Everyday Nilgiri BOP,

Excellent broken leaf Nilgiri, fragrant and brisk with a well-rounded medium body. A real delight for everyday drinking...

 From £1.95