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Green, White & Oolong Teas
Green Matcha Tea

Green Matcha Tea

Process of making green matcha teaMatcha is finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea. It is special in two aspects of farming and processing: The green tea plants for matcha are shade-grown for about three weeks before harvest, and the stems and veins are removed in processing.

The traditional Chinese and Japanese tea ceremony centers on the preparation, serving, and drinking of matcha. In modern times, matcha also has come to be used to flavour and dye foods such as mochi and soba noodles, green tea ice cream, and a variety of wagashi (Japanese confectionery). Often, the former is referred to as ceremonial-grade matcha, meaning that the matcha powder is good enough for tea ceremony. The latter is referred to as culinary-grade matcha, but there is no standard industry definition or requirements for either. Different matcha manufacturers might provide their own definitions.

Matcha Preparation

There are two ways of preparing matcha for drinking: thick (濃茶 koicha) and thin (薄茶 usucha).

Prior to use, matcha can be sieved in order to break up any clumps that maybe in the tea.

A small amount of matcha is placed into the bowl, traditionally using a bamboo scoop called a chashaku, then a small amount of hot (not boiling, about 80 °C or 176 °F) water is added.

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Chasen - Small Japanese Matcha Whisk

Chasen - Small Japanese Matcha Whisk

Bamboo tool indispensable in making a good Matcha...

China - Organic Matcha Taishan - 200g

China - Organic Matcha Taishan - 200g

Cultivated on the Taishan Plantation in the Province of Zhejiang, just as its done in Japan with high quality Gyokuros....

Japan - Finest Izu Matcha - 100g pouch

Japan - Finest Izu Matcha - 100g pouch

Has a jammy-like smoothness with a very satisfying full cup. Luxury grade style Japanese green tea and Gyokuro gives a light astringent finish....

Japanese Organic Matcha - 30g tin

Japanese Organic Matcha - 30g tin

The tea of teas, fine green powder is used for the traditional preparation of a Japanese tea ceremomy....

Chiyo - Matcha Set

Chiyo - Matcha Set

Ceramic tea set consisting of bowl, measuring spoon and whisk, presented in gift box....

Japan - Organic Matcha Ujicha - Organic - 200g

Japan - Organic Matcha Ujicha - Organic - 200g

The tea leaves for Matcha are shaded from the sun for about one month before being picked, resulting in a brighter green colo...

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