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All of our decaffeinated teas are decaffeinated using the CO2 process. In the this method, the caffeine is stripped directly from the tea leaves by a highly compressed semi-liquid form of carbon dioxide. Pre-steamed tea leaves are soaked in a bath of supercritical carbon dioxide at a pressure of 73 to 300 atmospheres. After a thorough soaking for around ten hours, the pressure is reduced, allowing the CO2 to evaporate, or the pressurized CO2 is run through either water or charcoal filters to remove the caffeine. The carbon dioxide is then used on another batch of leaves. This CO2 liquid works better than water because it is kept in supercritical state near the transition from liquid to gas, combining favorable diffusivity properties of the gas with increased density of a liquid. This process has the advantage that it avoids the use of potentially harmful substances to decaffeinate tea.

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Darjeeling TGFOP decaffeinated

Darjeeling TGFOP decaffeinated

Darjeeling of quality retains best attributes after decaffeination - a tender brew and fine muscatel aroma....

 From £5.25
Decaff English Breakfast (Dimbula OP)

Decaff English Breakfast (Dimbula OP)

Processed by the chemical-free CO2 method. The taste remains intact, only the caffeine has gone....

 From £4.95
Assam TGFOP1 Decaffeinated

Assam TGFOP1 Decaffeinated

Well crafted leaf with golden tips. The brew is highly aromatic, strong and malty in flavour...

 From £4.75