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Dammann Freres Paris Tea

Dammann Freres Paris Tea

Boutique Dammann Freres 75004 Paris, 15 Place des Vosges

In 1925, two brothers and great tea lovers, Robert and Pierre Dammann, created the commercial enterprise known as Dammann Freres. Actually, a Sir named Dammann was mentioned for the first time in 1692 when King Louis the 14th give him the exclusive privilege to sell tea in France. Here is the beginning of a long story that leads Dammann Freres to open counters all over the world and to find tea coming from the best gardens. Their know- how and the quality of their teas made of them the official supplier of the Compagnie Générale Transatlantique (the celebrated and prestigious French Line).

After World War II, the history of Dammann Freres approaches the market in a different way with the person of Jean Jumeau-Lafond. Passionate and inventive, Jean Jumeau-Lafond comes up with the idea of convincing the most famous shops in France to offer loose tea to their consumers. In the 1950's, Jean Jumeau-Lafond creates the first flavored teas. He also develops exclusive blends that have since become true classics such as "Gout Russe Douchka", "Christimas Tea", "Jardin Bleu", "Quatre fruits Rouges".

Today, Dammann Freres creates and developes new blends, year after year. The ideals of quality and tradition are still the key words of the Jumeau-Lafond family.