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Green, White & Oolong Teas
Chinese Green Jasmine Tea

Chinese Green Jasmine Tea

Chinese Green Jasmine Tea

Jasmine flowers are picked at dusk when their scent is headiest and then layered with long leaves of fine green tea. Overnight, the tea breathes in their perfume, capturing the petals' powerful sweetness to give our blend its full yet soft aroma. The result is a tea of beauty and elegance that will captivate your senses.

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Jasmine Dragon Pearls

Jasmine Dragon Pearls 5

An exquisite hand-rolled, jasmine scented tea. The pearls explode into large leaves in the cup. This is a rich soothing cup of indulgence....

 From £10.25
Jasmine Huang Shan  Ya Grade A

Jasmine Huang Shan Ya Grade A 5

A fine quality green tea with good Jasmine fragrance and delicate lemony flavour. We've upgraded from 9301. Less flowers but a better tea....

 From £3.25
Fujian Jasmine Tea  "A"

Fujian Jasmine Tea "A" 5

A good quality, refreshing green tea flavoured with Jasmine Flowers....

 From £2.25
Jasmine/Rose - Green Tea

Jasmine/Rose - Green Tea

Fine quality jasmine tea is blended with fragrant rose petals...

 From £2.25