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Illy Coffee
Cafe Cult - Roasted Beans

Cafe Cult - Roasted Beans

Espresso cup and coffee machineCafe Cult roasts their coffees at temperatures of between 160 and 180 C for 12-20 minutes to reveal the intense flavours of the carefully chosen beans.

After roasting the coffee is cooled by clear, cold fresh air for 1-2 minutes. Water is not used in the process because this tends to lose the flavour of the beans too quickly in storage.

The now freshly roasted beans are directly packed with special valve bags and sealed to protect the aroma. Any excess carbonic acid created during the roasting process can escape through the valve in the bag.

The beans are presented in 250g valve bags.

Cafe Cult products are of high quality and offer extraordinary value for money.

Espresso is a preparation method of coffee, where water is pushed under high pressure through finely ground coffee powder. The process yields a strong coffee, which is covered in a layer of thick hazlenut-brown froth - the cream, which adds to its flavour. Due to the strong roasting and the typical portioning of 25m, the caffeine content of a cup of espesso  is lower than that of a normal cup of 125m.

Cafe Cult persues only one philosophy in its production of fine coffees, and that is quality. Its exclusive, flavour intensivity comes not only from the exacting choice of raw beans but in their meticulous roasting process.

Cafe Cult is known throughout Europe and beyond for its extraordinary blends and single origin coffees.

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Espresso "Star of Italy - Arabica/Robusta blend -250g

Espresso "Star of Italy - Arabica/Robusta blend -250g

"Star of Italy" is an espresso for all lovers of a spicy and bitter taste experience, ...

Espresso "Siciliano" - 250g

Espresso "Siciliano" - 250g

The darkly roasted bean offers an intensive,strong and spicy flavour. Arabica/Robusta blend....

Espresso Don Vito - 100% Arabica blend - 250g

Espresso Don Vito - 100% Arabica blend - 250g

he Expresso "Don Vito" is powerful, with an incomparable combination of sweetness and spice. ...