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Black Teas & Masala Chai Tea
African Tea

African Tea

Teas from Kenya

Kenya Teas are famous for their brightness, attractive colour, brisk flavour and textures of fragrant leaves.

Traditionally used in blending, Kenyan teas are now emerging in their own right in the specialty market. Kenya is the world's third largest producer of black tea, with quality increasing at a steady rate. The main growing districts are situated in or around the highland areas on either side of the Great Rift Valley at altitudes ranging from 1500 to 2,700 meters above sea level.

The plucking of Kenya tea is meticulously done to ensure that only the choicest upper two leaves and a bud are picked. Tea bushes are plucked on a regular cycle ranging from 7 to 14 days. As a result all High Teas Kenyan tea have won international acclaim for their consistent high quality and excellent delightful aroma.

Teas from Rwanda, Malawi and Tanzania

The emerging African continent is in the tea trade for decades been known to the UK, but to sell to countries like Pakistan, Egypt and Afghanistan in a big way with tea. Here mainly with graduations from the area of ​​CTC, Fannings and Dust. For some years now, we are pleased to note that more and more plantations are on the way, in addition to conventional bulk products, to return to producing very beautiful leaf qualities and specialties. Black, half-fermented, green and even white creations, from the uplands of Malawi, around the imposing Mulantje massif. Very well made black and green leaf qualities of Rwanda, cultivated in the north, in the hilly areas around Kinihira. Kenyan top teas from the Kericho district north of the Rift Valley. Classic heavy CTC productions from Tanzania complete the program. In their diversity an excellent alternative to the tea world of Asia.

We are now packaging the majority of our teas in black matte finish stand-up pouches. The matte finish outer layer gives them a distinctive old world look. Sizes available are 50g (new), 100g, 250g and 500g. Orders of 1kg quantities are either made up of two 500g pouches or with the suppliers original 1kg packaging.

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Malawi - Thyolo Dark Fired

Malawi - Thyolo Dark Fired 5

Complex but soft flavours with a lovely olive green appearance in the cup. Magnificent black tea!...

 From £4.25
Kenya - Kosabei Estate TGFOP (TM)

Kenya - Kosabei Estate TGFOP (TM)

Some say, and I can't disagree, that this is probably the best cup of Kenya black tea around. The leaves yield a delicious amber-coloured brew with hints of malt and berry. Nicely twisted and rolled leaves with golden tips shows that care was taken in making this fine tea....

 From £3.25
Kenya Kaproret Estate TGFOP

Kenya Kaproret Estate TGFOP

A top quality 2nd Flush tea with an orange coloured cup and flowery flavour....

 From £3.25
Tanzania BOP (CTC) - "Morning Glory"

Tanzania BOP (CTC) - "Morning Glory"

A really strong, spicy taste. The leaf is homogeneous and the liquor slightly red. Impressive tea!...

 From £1.95
Kenya - Lelsa Estate FBOP

Kenya - Lelsa Estate FBOP 5

This is a high quality, elegant tea, with a rich floral character and long smooth finish. Highly recommended!...

 From £2.95
Kenya - Milima Estate GFBOP

Kenya - Milima Estate GFBOP

A top grade tea with good tips. It is sturdy and full-bodied with complex malty flavours and an outstanding finish....

 From £2.25
Rwanda - Rukeri Estate  Bio Op (Orthodox)

Rwanda - Rukeri Estate Bio Op (Orthodox)

A bright cup of long wiry leaves produces a slightly spicy brew with citrus notes....

 From £1.95
Tanzania - Luponde Estate, BP1 (CTC)

Tanzania - Luponde Estate, BP1 (CTC)

An excellent example of a premium tea from the well-known Luponde Estate with a malty character and nutty flavour....

 From £1.95