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Green, White & Oolong Teas
African Green Tea

African Green Tea

Showing 4 Products
Rwanda - Rukeri Estate Green, OP (Orthodox)

Rwanda - Rukeri Estate Green, OP (Orthodox) 5

A wiry dark green leaf yields an aromatic tea of lime green colour with persistent finish....

 From £2.95
Malawi Zomba Green

Malawi Zomba Green

A glowing lime coloured infusion is well scented and flowery in taste. A green tea enthusiasts tea....

 From £2.95
Kenya - Kapchorua Green BP1 (Orthodox)

Kenya - Kapchorua Green BP1 (Orthodox) 4

A delightful green tea with expansive flavour notes that tend floral-like. A top quality tea grown in Nandi Highlands....

 From £2.95
Kenya - Zebra Sencha

Kenya - Zebra Sencha

From the Kericho region comes this exquisite light Japanese style tea with floral accents and a smooth finish....

 From £5.25